Why You Should Get Shower Refinishing And Reglazing

Shower Refinishing and Shower Reglazing

If your shower requires an upgrade, you might think that the only option is to fully replace it. However, many homeowners may not know about the more time and cost-effective alternative which is shower reglazing. This is a great option to consider during a bathroom remodel. Renew Resurfacing gives you a list of reasons why you should look into shower refinishing and shower reglazing.

You will save time. Replacing a shower can be a time-consuming task, with the demolition process, ensuring the plumbing is correct, and the replacement process potentially taking days, weeks, or even months for some DIY remodels.

The shower reglazing and shower refinishing experts at Renew Resurfacing provide a quick and effective solution to restore shine and beauty to your shower surfaces. You can use your newly resurfaced shower the very next day. With shower resurfacing, you have more time to focus on other bathroom renovation projects.

Shower reglazing and refinishing allows for durability. Chipped and cracked showers can be a hassle to deal with, especially in older showers.

Our refinishing process includes repairing any existing chips to provide a smooth surface for refinishing, resulting in a renovated shower that looks like new. The refurbished surface is also robust and able to withstand future impact, providing longlasting durability and minimizing the need for repairs in the future.

You will save money. Resurfacing your shower offers a cost-effective way to revamp both your shower and your bathroom. Having a new shower installed can be expensive, with costs including the removal of your old shower, getting plumbing work done, purchasing additional materials, and new shower walls and enclosures. Additionally, there may be unexpected expenses.

On the other hand, hiring professionals for shower reglazing and shower refinishing is a more budget-friendly option, especially when it comes to plumbing costs. The money saved from resurfacing can be used towards other parts of your bathroom or a whole home renovation.

It’s more convenient. The process of tearing out your bathroom entirely can be a complete mess. With old bathroom fixtures and hardware everywhere, it can be an extremely lengthy and troublesome process. Getting shower reglazing and shower refinishing services involves a lot less tearing down. The absence of dust and debris that come with bathroom demolition means that the air in your home will maintain its quality. In addition, there won’t be a huge mess to clean up after the remodel!

Looking For Shower Reglazing And Shower Refinishing Services In Your Area?

For years, our team of professional shower remodelers in Omaha, NE, has been providing top-notch refinishing services to enhance the look of people’s bathrooms. By choosing our durable materials and expert workmanship, you can add value to your home or business while saving money compared to a full replacement.

If you have questions about our shower reglazing and shower refinishing services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact our staff at Renew Resurfacing at (402) 810-9610 and have your questions answered.

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