What Is the Best Garage Flooring?

What Is the Best Garage Flooring? 

Despite the popularity of rubber and paint, most homeowners find that a tile floor is the best option for their garage floors. Tile has several advantages, including good drainage and anti-fatigue properties. It can also span cracks in concrete and easily follow the shape of the floor. The cost of tiles typically ranges between $2 and $5 per square foot. However, if you want to spend more, interlocking tiles may be the best option. 

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Interlocking tiles 

There are many benefits to installing interlocking tiles in your garage. For one, these flooring tiles offer durability and easy installation. Because they are made of 100 percent vinyl, these tiles are extremely durable, even under the weight of heavy machinery. They are also easy to clean, and will not buckle or crack if heavy vehicles are stored on them. But if you want a smooth and clean floor, you should consider using rubber instead of tiles. 

These interlocking tiles are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. If you need a more traditional look, you should go for PVC flooring. These tiles are available in a standard size of 12″ x 12″. In addition, they feature a reinforced grid system on the underside, which helps prevent air and water from collecting. Some types are self-draining, so they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Roll-out mats 

The best thing about roll-out mats for the garage is that they are easy to clean. Due to the polyvinyl construction, oil and other contaminants are easily wiped off. Dirt and debris can be collected using a damp household mop. Garage floors are notoriously dusty, as concrete tends to absorb a lot of dirt and dust. With the help of roll-out mats, this problem can be prevented or at least reduced. 

Roll-out mats are the easiest flooring system to install. Installation is simple and fast. These mats are available in different colors, sizes, and tread designs. Moreover, they don’t require any special tools or glues to adhere them to the garage floor. You can install them easily yourself since they can be butted together. Depending on the material and the thickness, roll-out mats may be expensive but they will last a long time. 


If you are looking for flooring material for your garage, you may want to consider rubber. These materials are easy on the joints, as they do not stick to the ground as concrete does, and they are resistant to slipping and oil. In addition, rubber is naturally anti-microbial, so it will not harbor fungus, mold, or mildew. If you’re concerned about soundproofing, you can use carpet tape to protect the flooring. 

Besides the aesthetic benefits, rubber floors also have some disadvantages. For instance, they are not easy to install and require extensive concrete prep. Plus, these coatings can be toxic, and they may fail as the vapor barrier breaks down. Additionally, hot tires can peel and stain the coating, and it can be difficult to patch failing areas. Another disadvantage of rubber mats is that they cannot withstand heavy objects and trap moisture, which leads to mold and mildew. 


You can paint garage flooring in two ways. One way is to use latex-based paint. It’s easy to apply and clean, but it’s less resistant to oil stains. The other option is to use an acrylic type of Mapapaint or stain. Either way, you should be sure to clean the surface well and ask the paint specialist for help. Regardless of which type you choose, you should expect a couple of years of wear and tear from the floor. 

Before you paint your garage flooring, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly. A dirty floor will impact the quality of the finish. Start by sweeping away any loose dirt and grime from the floor. Then, use a leveling solution to smooth out the surface. If the floor is uneven, the paint won’t adhere properly. For best results, you’ll want to paint the floor within the first two hours of installation. Make sure the surface is dry before you remove the plastic paper.