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Granite and Quartz Countertop Alternative

Are you looking to give your kitchen or bathroom countertops a facelift but don’t want to spend the money on granite or quartz? Epoxy countertops are a granite and quartz countertop alternative. Update your existing countertop with an epoxy covering from Renew Resurfacing.

Epoxy countertops are durable and give you the look of quartz or granite for half the price. Maintaining epoxy countertops is stress-free and easy! Little to no maintenance is required, unlike granite or quartz countertops. Here at Renew Resurfacing, we apply an epoxy resin overtop your existing countertop eliminating the tear out labor and mess. The epoxy resin is a non-porous material which means bacteria cannot get caught under the surface or in the seams; unlike granite.

More Durable Than Granite

Epoxy stone countertops resemble stone are more durable than granite or quartz and require less maintenance therefore making them a great alternative to granite and quartz. No need to purchase expensive granite shiners to polish your epoxy coating countertop.

Create a custom kitchen countertop for half the price of granite and quartz with epoxy. Whether you want just a white or black counter with a creative swirl or splash of glitter, Renew Resurfacing can do it! No two kitchen countertops are ever the same. Go for a durable, easy to maintain, unique resurfaced countertop from Renew Resurfacing who delivers a unique and affordable design.

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Quartz and Granite vs Epoxy

A major benefit to having epoxy countertops over granite or quartz is the durability and maintenance required. Epoxy counters don’t have seams for dirt and mold to seep into them therefore your do not have to worry about resealing them every six months. They also do not scratch very easily and are resistant to hot pots and pans. If you cut or burn your countertop, Renew Resurfacing can come in and repair the burn, scratch, cut or blemish to look brand new again.

Quality Epoxy Counters

Epoxy counters are a great alternative to granite or quartz offering a unique and affordable design.

Give your home the transformation it deserves for an affordable price with a custom stone epoxy countertop. These kitchen and bathroom countertops are some of the most durable and high quality counters on the market today. At Renew Resurfacing, we only use the top rated materials to ensure we are providing our customers with top rated service and quality. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, 5-year residential warranty or a 3-year commercial warranty. Our future success is built on your satisfaction and that cannot happen unless you are satisfied with your new kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Call Renew Resurfacing for more information on our epoxy countertop process and material. You won’t be disappointed with choosing an epoxy counter over granite or quartz! Call us today!


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