How Long Should You Be Out After Tub Resurfacing?

How Long Should You Be Out After Tub Resurfacing? 

How long should you be out of your home after the tub resurfacing? This will depend on the scope of the resurfacing project and the type of material used. However, if the tub you have is a standard size, you may find it difficult to replace it. The cost of tub replacement is high, so you may want to consider resurfacing. Tub resurfacing is a cost-effective solution.
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Cost of tub resurfacing 

How much does it cost to resurface a bathtub? There are several things to consider when calculating the cost of bathtub resurfacing. If the tub is in good condition, the cost of this process should be lower than average. However, if there is substantial damage to the tub, it may need repairs before it can be reglazed. This will increase the costs of labor and materials, as each chip in the tub will cost about $25 to replace. 

Resurfacing a bathtub is a cheaper option than replacing it. While minor damage can be fixed by resurfacing, extensive damage may require a new tub. Generally, the cost range for tub replacement is between $1,240 and $2,000, but this can increase significantly if you’re replacing a tub with jets or a tub and shower combo. If you’re replacing a bathtub and want to save money, resurfacing it may be the better option. 

The time frame for resurfacing a tub 

Resurfacing a tub is a great way to prolong its life, but it is not without risks. Once the rusting issue starts, it won’t stop. It will eventually require a new tub. The time frame for resurfacing a tub depends on several factors. For example, you must make sure that your tub is completely dry, and remove any tools or debris. If you have an existing crack, resurfacing may not be the best solution. You should replace the tub immediately if you notice it’s becoming too rusted to be repaired. 

The process of resurfacing a bathtub can take several weeks or months. If you only have one bathroom, you will have to make other arrangements during the resurfacing process. However, tub replacement is major surgery, and you should budget around three thousand dollars for it. On average, this project costs about $3,024. This cost includes materials, labor, and the tub itself. While you’ll probably be spending thousands of dollars, remember to budget enough for the cost of the tiles. 

Cleaning the tub before resurfacing 

Before you start the reglazing process, you must clean the bathtub thoroughly. First, remove all caulk, soap scum, and silicone materials from the surface. This is to ensure that the reglazing materials adhere to the tub’s surface properly. You should also clean the area around the drain thoroughly. You can use acetone or paint thinner to remove residue. After cleaning, apply patching compound to the surface. 

Next, you should wash the tub thoroughly with a gentle cleaner. This will remove any soap scum and body oils. It will also disinfect the tub. However, don’t use dish soap, which will leave the surface slippery. It is also important to follow the instructions on the bottle because any cleaner will dull the surface of the tub if it is allowed to dry. This step is particularly important if you’re planning to resurface the tub.