How Durable Are Epoxy Countertops?

By refinishing your existing countertop with epoxy finishes, you can save anywhere for 40-60% compared to tearout and replacement.

However, the question remains. How durable are epoxy countertops? Will epoxy countertops last as long as other countertop materials? This article reviews the pros and cons of choosing epoxy countertops, their durability, and if it is the best option for you.

What Are Epoxy Countertops?

Epoxy countertops are made using a combination of resins, catalysts, fillers, and pigments to create a solid, shiny, and durable surface similar in texture to quartz or granite, but at a much lower cost and time commitment.

Epoxy resins can be applied over almost any existing countertop material, such as ceramic, laminate, wood, and concrete, even existing quartz or granite. Epoxy countertops when done professionally, mimic the look of natural stone, quartz, or marble.

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Benefits of Epoxy Countertops

There are two main benefits of choosing epoxy countertops for your home. The first benefit is durability, and the second is affordability.

Durability: Epoxy countertops are durable structures due to the nature of the resin coating used to create it. The resin coating hardens into a solid surface when combined with a hardener. It is similar to the technology used in some 4-minute epoxy steel gums. Epoxy is often used in flooring applications both commercial and residential so you know it’s durable.

Epoxy countertops are resistant to heat up to 500ᣞ F, which is higher than traditional laminate or Formica™ countertops. Epoxy is also chemical resistant so they can withstand the chemical composition of most cleaning products without losing its sheen.

Affordability: Affordability is a major aspect of what motivates a homeowner to upgrade an existing countertop or just leave it as it is. Epoxy countertops are much more affordable than natural stone or quartz countertops. They also cost less to install than most other countertop materials.

Many homeowners save money on their countertop upgrade by refinishing an existing countertop with epoxy instead of replacing them with new materials.

Apart from being affordable, it is much easier to customize the look and feel of an epoxy countertop by mixing it with other chemical modifiers to form different colors, patterns, or textures.

Disadvantages of Epoxy Countertops

Like most things in life, epoxy countertops have a few drawbacks. Here are two prominent disadvantages of epoxy countertops:

Requires a Professional to Install: It takes a certain level of expertise, professionalism and design to install epoxy countertops beautifully, neatly and correctly. This is why we recommend that you request the professional service of an epoxy countertop resurfacing company like Renew Resurfacing.

The epoxy resin and hardener required to make epoxy countertops need to be prepared in the right proportions and applied quickly. Epoxy countertops do not forgive mistakes made during the application process, such as the formation of bubbles, cracks, and uneven surfaces.

Shows Scratches and Stains Easily: While epoxy countertops are resistant to heat and chemicals, they do not offer the same level of resistance to scratches from abrasive wipes and utensils.

You also need to clean any spilled liquid from the surface of epoxy countertops as soon as possible to avoid permanent stains. We advise using cutting boards, trivets, and other protective tools when using your epoxy countertop.

Are Epoxy Countertops Durable?

So, are epoxy countertops durable in the long run? The short answer would be YES!

Epoxy countertops are typically durable, but their durability depends on several factors, such as the installation process, the quality of epoxy resin used, maintenance, and the usage frequency.

The ballpark figure for how long a typical epoxy countertop lasts is 10 to 20 years, provided it is installed and maintained appropriately.

Note: Epoxy countertops may need to be refinished every few years to help maintain their shine and look. This process is usually inexpensive and should be carried out by a professional.

Update Your Epoxy Countertop With Epoxy Countertop Refinishing

The best part about epoxy countertops is that they can be revitalized easily when they start showing signs of wear and tear, dullness, or discoloration by refinishing them. Countertop refinishing is the process of applying a new material (usually epoxy resins) over an existing countertop material.

Hire the services of a professional epoxy countertop refinishing team today to get that beautiful shine and freshness that your home deserves.


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