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Renew Resurfacing offers premier epoxy garage flooring for your garage. Resurfacing your garage is cheaper than replacing your garage floor but just as effective if not more effective. Epoxy resurfacing is extremely effective against water, being able to have water sit on it for long periods of time without any damage being done to your garage floor. Epoxy flooring seals up any and all cracks and holes that are in your garage floor for a lasting seal. While epoxy flooring offers a wide variety of functional benefits, it also offers an aesthetic benefit. Epoxy floors are very customizable being able to look like concrete, be speckled, or be more colorful.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Functionality

garage-floor-before-afterEpoxy garage floors offer many of the same benefits of other concrete seals such as stain concrete for garage doors. While being a flat, seamless, low maintenance, and impervious surface. Epoxy floors routinely outperform concrete in terms of chemical, acid and solvent resistance, abrasion and stain resistance, cleanability and the low level of required maintenance, slip resistance, ability to withstand thermal shock and extreme temperature cycling and many other important characteristics. Epoxy garage flooring is applied in liquid form, meaning that it can be used to right on top of your old concrete garage floor sealing up and cracks or holes that were originally there.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Customizability

Renew Resurfacing can redo your existing garage flooring with a fresh, modern epoxy floor coating. Epoxy flooring offers many benefits that will leave you loving your new floor coating!

Epoxy garage flooring is a unique flooring technique; there is never two floors that will look the same. Whether you want a clean, classic marble look or want to turn your office floor into a far away galaxy look, we can do it all! Our epoxy floors are custom and require expert handling when making them. Our process takes about two days to complete the new garage floor epoxy coating. Our team will come in and pour epoxy over your existing flooring giving you a unique design when completed. We use only the highest, most durable materials when designing our high-quality floors.

Flooding Proofing and Repair

Epoxy garage flooring perfect for repairing your garage or ensuring that your garage floor will thrive through the flood. With the liquid coating the epoxy fills in the cracks and holes in your garage in the wake of the flood. Epoxy also creates a watertight seal to protect your garage floor against the damages caused by floods. Epoxy garage floors help you to protect your garage from the destructive forces of floods.

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