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Renew Resurfacing offers a variety of premier garage flooring options including epoxy, concrete staining, and concrete polish. All of the garage flooring options are great for both residential and commercial garage floors. They also protect your garage floor from moisture, spills, and road salt throughout their life. Many people have seen many benefits from these garage flooring options with very few issues down the road. Not only are our garage flooring options functional, but they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Our garage flooring options are highly customizable, they can be as simple as you want or as colorful and eye-catching as you please as well.

Epoxy Flooring

Resurfacing your garage is cheaper than replacing your garage floor but just as effective if not more effective. Epoxy resurfacing is extremely effective against water, being able to have water sit on it for long periods of time without any damage being done to your garage floor. Epoxy flooring seals up any and all cracks and holes that are in your garage floor for a lasting seal. While epoxy flooring offers a wide variety of functional benefits, it also offers an aesthetic benefit. Epoxy floors are very customizable being able to look like concrete, be speckled, or be more colorful.

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining is a sharp-looking option for your concrete garage floor. Stained concrete is essentially a long-lasting coat that allows you to customize the appearance of your concrete garage floor. Many people tend to do more maintenance on their stain concrete because of the fact that it is more or less a coat for your garage floors. Concrete stain is great for low traffic garages or for people who have to get-togethers in their garage and want to show off their garage. But, concrete stain is very durable, concrete stain is inflammable, ultraviolet resistant and rarely chip peel, discolor, or fade away. There are also a variety of different staining options for your garage floor. Some of the options include a refined look, polished, rougher texture, or look and feel like marble or other stones.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is a beautiful slip-resistant option for your garage floor. Polished concrete often costs more than concrete stain upfront, but concrete polish requires less maintenance because of the increased durability. The durability often brings lower average costs with the lower amount of maintenance required. Concrete polish works great for high wear and tear garage floors, it works especially well if you do a lot of home projects in your garage. Polished concrete is easy to clean because of the tight seal. The concrete polish does not stain because it transforms a porous concrete floor into a tight seal capable of repelling water, oil, and other contaminants. Concrete polish has reflective qualities that require less lighting to light up your garage, reducing the electricity bill. There is also an added safety benefit that comes with the polished concrete since the flooring is slip resistant.

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