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Bathroom Vanity Resurfacing - Des Moines

Is your bathroom vanity the original, dated, worn down vanity counter? Let Renew Resurfacing come in and renew your current bathroom vanity. Renew Resurfacing is the elite bathroom vanity resurfacing business in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. With our cutting-edge restoration process, we can transform any outdated bathroom vanity into a vanity that looks like it was just installed. Our team of professional renewal contractors can resurface any vanity for about half the price of a full tear out and install. Save time, money and the hassle by resurfacing your bathroom vanity with Renew Resurfacing in Des Moines.

Why Renew Your Bathroom Vanity?

If you feel as though your bathroom vanity is outdated and in need of a revamp, let Renew Resurfacing step in. Our expert bathroom vanity restoration team can transform and resurface your existing bathroom vanity into what looks like a brand new vanity. If your Des Moines vanity has a dated color and you’re looking to update the color or design, our team can help you! Rather than updating your whole bathroom, renew the areas that need it most; the vanities. We can easily fix those minor cracks and crevices to restore that pristine look and feel to your Des Moines bathroom vanity.

Stone Fleck™ Vanity

Renew Resurfacing’s revolutionary Stone Flecks™ add another element of customization to any bathroom vanity resurfacing. Stone Flecks™ are designed to look like granite or Corian®. We offer 22 different colors and designs of Stone Flecks™. These colors range from white vein, granite, to limestone and everywhere in between. With Stone Flecks, you can get the look and feel of an expensive vanity, while paying half the price of a traditional tear out and replacement of a bathroom vanity.

Resurface Your Bathroom Vanity with Renew Resurfacing

Resurface your bathroom vanity with Renew Resurfacing in Des Moines. Our team will bring the life back into your bathroom with a new stone fleck countertop covering. Our solutions are some of the most durable, versatile surfaces on the market.

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