Countertop Refinishing Revitalizes Outdated Kitchens!

No part of any home stays immune to deterioration, and, unfortunately, your kitchen countertops can receive the brunt of it. Over time, not only will the colors of your countertops fade, but they will also accumulate stuck-on food stains or other blemishes that make the fixture look shabbier overall. This deterioration can cause a notable decrease in property values, and the scattered crumbs and food stains can attract vermin into your home!

Thankfully, you can find methods available that allow you to mitigate the deterioration of your kitchen countertops. Homeowners can breathe new life into their kitchen counters with countertop refinishing. Whether you want to update an old kitchen design to modern standards, clear away old stains, or simply improve the value of your home, countertop restoration is the way to go.

Countertop Refinishing Revitalizes Outdated Kitchens!

Renew Resurfacing in Des Moines, IA, offers countertop resurfacing, helping homeowners revitalize their kitchens and save money.

What Is Countertop Refinishing?

When your countertops do not look their best, countertop refinishing works as an effective alternative to replacing them outright. Instead of the hassle and mess involved with installing new counters, professional contractors use a substance called epoxy to reinforce the surface of your countertops.

First, they fill in any gaps or cracks with the epoxy resin and sand down the area after the substance dries to ensure a level work area. After sanding down the counter, your contractors will apply a bonding agent and a base epoxy coat to create a stable foundation for the remaining layers.

At this stage, the customer gets to pick out the exact texture and color of their revitalized countertop. After choosing something suitable, a final topcoat binds the previous layer more securely and protects the finished product from future damage.

What Are the Benefits of Countertop Coating?

The countertop refinishing process may sound tedious, but it offers several valuable benefits to every homeowner who chooses to purchase professional kitchen counter resurfacing. We’ve listed a few of those advantages below so that you can make a better-informed decision about whether refinishing is right for you.


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When a homeowner thinks their countertops need an updated look, it’s not surprising that they first think of a total replacement. Most believe that this offers them the only available option to grant them the kitchen counters of their dreams.

However, entirely replacing your counters is not a cheap project, with the lowest average cost adding up to nearly $2,000. Furthermore, that price only increases with the job’s complexity, with the more intensive installations costing closer to $4,000.

On the other hand, you can get an expertly applied counter coating for a fraction of the cost, with the highest average prices coming to around $500. The significant decrease in price makes countertop refinishing a much more cost-effective renovation option than other services.

Fast & Efficient

Another notable disadvantage of a complete countertop replacement includes the presence of the remodeling crew. Replacing kitchen counters isn’t a small job, requiring weeks or months of planning and labor. During that time, a large portion of your space becomes overtaken by debris and construction.

Some homeowners prefer a quicker solution, enabling them to get complete control of their space back as quickly as possible. Performing a countertop restoration requires much less work than replacing old counters, with contractors able to finish applying a coat within hours.

While epoxy coatings do need time to cure, even that process only takes one to two days before your new counters are ready for use.

To help expedite the process, remember to remove all kitchen appliances and utensils so that the contractors can work on it uninterrupted. In addition, you should unplug and move all heavier appliances, such as a microwave or stove, at least three feet away from the ends of the countertops so that the renovators can apply the epoxy coating along the edges.

Highly Customizable

The method of coating used in countertop restoration allows the homeowner to choose from a wide variety of textures and colors. With proper application, the special epoxy coatings used in the process can be altered to look like various materials, including marble, granite, or laminate.

Countertops made from the actual material take a long time to acquire and ship while also coming at an exorbitant price. With restoration services, you save money and can still be amazed by your kitchen countertop’s new, revitalized look.

Elimination of Blemishes

Countertops can take a lot of punishment over the years because of their use in food preparation. Cuts from a knife, stains from a dish, or hidden crumbs leftover from a finished meal—these represent a few ways your counter can gain unsightly marks from everyday use.

While replacing your old and damaged countertops is an option, if a homeowner simply wants to improve the look of their kitchen, then restoration is the more economical choice. With the efficient application of epoxy in all the damage accumulated over the years, your counters will be in tip-top shape in no time at all.

Professional vs. DIY Countertop Restoration

Countertop refinishing uses epoxy resin as a central component in the process. Since homeowners can buy epoxy at many hardware stores, it means that homeowners could theoretically apply the coating themselves. However, doing so without proper training increases the risk of making mistakes that end up with your counters looking worse than how they started.

While the typical refinishing process may seem simple at first, every step requires meticulousness to ensure you have no unsightly bumps or fissures in the finished product. Especially since, if you make a mistake, it becomes much more challenging to get an epoxy coating off your counters than on it.

Professional service ensures that your countertop restoration is done right the first time so that you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs or readjustments after the fact.

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