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Epoxy resurfacing for kitchen countertops, bathrooms and flooring

Kitchen Countertop Resurfacing Ralston, NE

Updating your kitchen can be expensive however it is one of the biggest focal points of a house in Elkhorn. Without the right countertops, your kitchen can easily lose its appeal however those are often what need to be updated the most. Look to save with the Elkhorn kitchen countertop resurfacing services from Renew Resurfacing. All our work is custom done. We can resurface all countertops in your kitchen whether you want an epoxy stone coat finish, or stone fleck, let the professionals from Renew Resurfacing bring your dated, beat down kitchen countertops back to life.


When it comes to updating the countertops in your Elkhorn kitchen, consider resurfacing them. Kitchens are one of the priciest rooms to update in your home. Save some money by keeping the existing countertops and resurface them with an epoxy covering! Kitchen countertop resurfacing is more affordable than completely replacing existing countertops. Epoxy countertop coverings are extremely durable and are built to last and also look great!

The main reasons that most homeowners want to renew their kitchen countertops is to update kitchen tops that are dated, stained, or damaged. Many kitchen countertops are structurally sound but are out of date or they look worn and are in need of repair or resurfacing. Elkhorn homeowners are tired of having to decorate around outdated, bland colors and patterns or hiding damage in their countertops. See how affordable resurfacing countertops can be with Renew Resurfacing in Elkhorn.


Renew Resurfacing has two unique countertop finishes. Epoxy and Stone Fleck. Epoxy Countertops are becoming very popular. Epoxy is an alternative to granite and quartz counters for half the price. They are very easy to maintain and require little to no maintenance. Our crew will customize your epoxy finish to whatever design, color, or style you want giving your Elkhorn kitchen a one of a kind transformation.


Stone fleck countertop refinishing is a cost-effective way to improve the overall appearance of your Elkhorn homes bathroom or kitchen. Stone fleck counters are similar to granite but are more affordable and more versatile. From kitchens, to bathrooms, to basement bars, Renew Resurfacing can refinish or resurface any solid surface countertop in your Elkhorn home.


At Renew Resurfacing, we use a unique process to refinish solid surface countertops. Whether you are making the switch from laminate to epoxy or stone fleck countertops, you won’t be disappointed with the end result.

When we refinish your kitchen countertop, we apply a new, more durable finish over the existing countertop to give it a beautiful solid surface look of granite or Corian for a fraction of the cost. The color and pattern are improved and the damage is repaired without having to go through the time and expense of a messy tear out and countertop replacement. Your refinished solid surface countertop will appear as if you had an expensive new solid surface countertop installed. The resurfaced countertop with the new finish is as durable as the original surface and ever more stain resistant for a finish that will last for years.

When we resurface kitchen countertops, we also bevel or round over the front edge of your existing countertops to give them a true solid surface look of granite. One of the telltale signs of a laminate or Formica countertop is the black lines and squared off front edge of the counter. Renew Resurfacing’s resurfacing process eliminates the black lines and softens the front edge to look just like granite or Corian. The end results are amazing.


Renew’s process for kitchen countertop resurfacing & refinishing is a very cost effective alternative to countertop replacement. Replacing the countertops will cost 4 to 5 times more than resurfacing them. A newly refinished counter in your kitchen will have the same durability as a new countertop but will be even more stain resistant – and unlike a new countertop, it is warrantied for 5 years. Additionally, unlike a laminate countertop, if your resurfaced kitchen countertop is ever damaged, Epoxy resurfacing can be touched up like new. We are the Omaha metro area’s most economical and durable option to beautify your kitchen counters.

  • Save thousands of dollars over replacing your old countertops.
  • Use of your counters the very next day.
  • Beautify and update your flat surfaces
  • You know that you will receive the highest quality products and service.
  • 5 year limited warranty.


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